Softwareport offers you

Industry 4.0 introduces many new challenges for machinery and factory development. The factory of the future is highly flexible and connected. This requires software and data driven systems. Softwareport offers a development platform  providing the tools to develop, test and modify your machine park, first time right.

Our graphical Model-Driven high-level and low-level software development platform creates common understanding among different stake-holders. From the graphical models, bug free software is generated.

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Smart data

Use data to improve your services and products. Add more functionality and flexibility to your machine park. Collect relevent data for preventive maintenance, improve your internal business processes.

Virtual Prototyping

Test functionality and behaviour of your machine park, before physical production starts. Softwareport has a virtual platform that interfaces between 3D models, software and hardware.

Bug free software

Handmade software code always contains bugs. Softwareport generates code automatically from the graphical design models, bug free and with just one push of the button.

Cut your development time in half

All stakeholders (IT, sales, mechanical, board, customer, end-user etc) can work simultaneously by using visual tools like graphical model-based engineering and virtual simulation.

Lower commissioning costs

With less use of physical prototypes, no bugs (first time right engineering) and unmatched expectation management, your commissioning costs will drasticly decrease.

Technology & hardware independent

Softwareport interfaces with hardware from all providers and runs on all major technology platforms.

Softwareport drives your machine park with smart data and therefore decreases the time-to-market dramatically.

Eliminate the need for physical prototyping by creating a parallel virtual development process which enables you to detect errors, early in the development process. You can test virtually, with our AR and VR channels.

Softwareport offers factory owners and machine manufacturers a total vertical end-to-end solution, to develop, test and modify your machine park first time right. Three different worlds are integrated in one single platform: high-level and low-level software and virtual simulation. Therefore, this solution offers a unique combination of model based bug-free automated coding and virtual simulation.